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Problems faced by women in society


It really feels disgusting that we are still writing this topic. It is 2019, the human race is planning to settle in mars, and we are still having some gender issues. This is one of the solid evidence that proves that the entire human race is messed up. We are progressing in a lot of things at an unbelievable phase and still being conservative to the core in the simplest things.

Even though women have started to step up and raise their voices about the issues that they are facing, there is a lot that needs to be done. In this article, we will see some of the major issues that women are facing in society.

Violence and abuse

Women are being subjected to violence and abuse in all places. The worst part is that they are experiencing this even in their homes. It has become a very common thing right now. It is high time that all kinds of violence against women need to stop. Rape has become a very common thing. Even the minors are being raped, and the rate of sexual assault is steadily increasing.

Violence and abuse

Wage Gap

After all these years this issue has actually come to limelight. At the same time, we cannot generalize things. There are some organizations that give equal pay for both men and women. But the bitter truth is that in most of the organizations, men are paid higher than the women for the same kind of work. Even if they are being paid properly, they need to struggle a lot for that. It is disgusting to hear some of the new claiming that some actress is getting equal pay as the male leads in the movie.


It is a general thing that is happening in both the workplace and in the homes. Unless or until the woman who is suggesting something in an authoritative position, they are generally ignored, just because they are women. Be it a man or a woman, when they voice of something it needs to be heard and responded. It is called freedom of speech. If that is being ignored is more like doing something, the basic rights of a human being.




Motherhood is something that needs to be celebrated. But everything is happening in the opposite way. When women take some gap in their carrier because of pregnancy, they are finding it difficult to get a job again. In most of the organizations, there are recommending women not to have any pregnancy plans if they are involved in some big projects. Moreover, the society is expecting women to stay at home and take care of things.


Women are being objectified in every aspect. From the simplest advertisements to pornography. Body shaming, commenting on looks judging based on appearance are some of the most common things that women are regularly experiencing.