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Discriminations in the society


Discrimination in society is more like Diabetes. There was a time when it was considered to be a huge issue. Now people have come to terms with it. The world and society have turned out to be a place where the wrong things are being accepted to a part of our everyday life. It does not matter whether it is a billion dollar corruption or a small mistake. We are absolutely not bothered about. Our tolerance levels are something that needs to be appreciated. In one way or the other people who are keeping quiet is also supporting the mistake. In this article, we are going to see one such thing that happing every day in our lives, which is discrimination. There are good possibilities that you might also be one of the victims.

Discrimination based on gender

The world is divided into many things. Among all the divisions, the biggest division is gender. Maybe it was a practice from the past or the mindset of men that they are the stronger gender. Women are being discriminated at many levels and in many places. Home, workplace, public transport and lots of other places women are being discriminated. If women are able to feel and understand the pain of discrimination, they should be ones who should support transgender people. But they are also discriminating and abusing them.

Racial discrimination

There is a perception that racial discrimination is there is only in some of the biggest countries in the world. People tend to think that because those are some of the countries that are mentioned in the news. But the truth is that racial discrimination is all over the world. It is at different levels in different countries. It is high in countries where there are a lot of emigrants and forgeries.

Discriminations with people

Discrimination based on sexual orientation

There are no second thoughts on the fact that the world is filled with straight people. That does not mean that everyone should be the same. For some, it might be a taboo. Yes, we do accept the fact that it is a common thing. But that does not mean that it is wrong. People should understand the fact that it has nothing to do with religion or any other thing for that matter. It is a very natural thing to have a desire towards a person of the same sex. It is good that some of the countries have legalized gay marriage.

Discrimination based on religion

The main purpose of any religion is to spread peace and help humanity to get close to the higher power. But things are happening exactly in the opposite way. Today religion is one of the biggest tools that is used by certain people to divide the society. It is being manipulated, and hence, people of a particular religion are being discriminated in various parts of the world. We do accept the fact that there are certain people who have done some horrible things stating that they did for their religion. But that does not mean that everyone in that religion is a bad person.