Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Approximately one in five Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. It is a good idea to think about how you manage mental health issues in your business as common conditions like anxiety and depression may impact on work performance.

Why Managing Mental Health is Important in your Workplace

As a business and an employer, managing mental health within your workplace will help you:

  • Increase productivity in your workplace
  • Create a mentally safe and healthy workplace
  • Reduce staff absenteeism and working days lost each year
  • Abide by work health and safety laws, which require employers to take reasonable steps to make their workplaces mentally safe and healthy.

You also have legal requirements to look after your employees’ mental health, including:

  • Providing a mentally and physically safe workplace
  • Preventing discrimination against employees with a disability including mental health conditions.
  • Ensuring your workplace does not take any unjust action against someone because of their mental health condition.

If you have been traumatised at work, you should obtain further information from the website of a compensation lawyer