parenting plans

What Divorcing Couples Should Know about Parenting Plans and Orders

Divorce doesn’t end in the estrangement of the couple. Especially if you have children, there are a few more things you must take care of after divorce has been served. For instance, division of assets and debts as well as parental rights to your children must be settled immediately. Like divorce, your rights as parents […]


Discriminations in the society

Discrimination in society is more like Diabetes. There was a time when it was considered to be a huge issue. Now people have come to terms with it. The world and society have turned out to be a place where the wrong things are being accepted to a part of our everyday life. It does […]

Social Media

Impact of social media on society and people

Today social media plays a very important role. From keeping us entertained to providing us with the relevant news, it is doing a lot of things. It has become part and parcel of our lives. We should definitely give it up for people who marketed things in such a way that we have come to […]


Problems faced by women in society

It really feels disgusting that we are still writing this topic. It is 2019, the human race is planning to settle in mars, and we are still having some gender issues. This is one of the solid evidence that proves that the entire human race is messed up. We are progressing in a lot of […]


Things people can do for the betterment of society

In the way that society is functioning, even the smallest things that people do will contribute a lot. It is not even necessary that one has to take that extra effort to do something that will matter. They say that small drops make an ocean. That is absolutely true when it comes to this. A […]