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Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities must be provided to everyone irrespective of gender, color and ethnicity.

Regional Social Commitment

Regional social commitment is one of the important things that are essential for the development of people in a society.

Human Rights

Human rights are the basis for anyone to live. Violation of human rights in any form is punishable by law.

Democracy & Sustainability

Democracy is one of the powerful tools for the country to function properly and being sustainable is a necessity.

Integrity & Responsibility

If each and every person in the society becomes responsible, then there will be a wholesome development as a nation.

Development Society

Developing the people of a different kind can be accepted, and help them to grow up.

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Tough Justice is an organization that has been there for a few years struggling for the betterment of society. We are an NGO that takes all the possible steps to make people lead better lives in all aspects.


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If you are striving for society to flourish, you need to know the problems that people are facing in society. The crime rates are drastically increasing, and people the basic rights of people are being offended on a daily basis.


  • Tough Justice is really doing a great job. Each and everyone is so committed to their work. All they are looking forwards is to develop society in every way.

    Troy M. Gregory


Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is an important thing that needs to be addressed. It cannot be compromised at any cost.

Employment Service

Everyone is entitled to be employed. It is the duty of the government to provide everyone with employment.


Diversity is a part of society. Discriminating people of a different kind cannot be accepted, and it is punishable by law.

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parenting plans

What Divorcing Couples Should Know about Parenting Plans and Orders

Divorce doesn’t end in the estrangement of the couple. Especially if you have children, there are a few more things you must take care of after divorce has been served. For instance, division of assets and debts as well as parental rights to your children must be settled immediately. Like divorce, your rights as parents can be settled in court, too, but as for your parenting plan, that’s something you can settle between the two of you privately and informally.    

Understanding Parenting Plan

Before you decided to file for a divorce, you should have anticipated how this may affect your children, not just emotionally but fiscally as well. The purpose of a parenting plan is to reduce as much of the impact of the divorce on your children as possible. This is the stage where you and your previous spouse make an informal agreement that determines how you will continue to support and care for your children when you are no longer together.

Instead of having the agreement done verbally, it is much safer and more effective to write it down into a plan with the aid of a law firm specialising in family law, such as Lapointe Family Law. That will prevent either party from avoiding or failing to meet the agreement.  

The Importance of Cooperation

The tension that entails divorce usually takes long to subside, but remember that your children’s future is at stake here so there’s no time to dilly-dally. Your only choice as parents is to cooperate at least in this aspect of the whole separation process. You owe it to your children to remain as responsible parents even if you are no longer together. Making a good parenting plan can help your children adjust quickly and grow up normally. 

Additionally, most parenting plans done verbally because the parents don’t want to interact with each other usually end in disagreements, which eventually lead to lengthy and costly court battles. Depending on how both you and the other party are taking the situation, there’s a considerable likelihood that you won’t reach an agreement. This is where outside sources such as a family lawyer come in to help you out. 

What Is Included in a Parenting Plan

At the heart of a parenting plan is your children’s welfare. Every condition and provision the plan contains should solely be for that purpose, so even if you find some of them hard to accomplish, it is crucial that you do.

A parenting plan normally identifies the parent with whom the child will live. It also includes a parenting time schedule that shows when each parent has the child as well as what time the child will spend with other people (grandparents, siblings, other relatives). Arrangements for holidays, birthdays, school breaks, and other special occasions must be included, too, as this can be problematic. Of course, it’s important that both you and the other party must agree on how you will provide for your child. 

It’s to be expected that a parenting plan won’t have information about how you will divide your assets. A different agreement, called property settlement, is required for that matter. Both, however, are necessary to resolve all issues arising from divorce. Like property settlement, a parenting plan can be legally enforceable if both parties agree to submit it to the Family Court.


Discriminations in the society

Discrimination in society is more like Diabetes. There was a time when it was considered to be a huge issue. Now people have come to terms with it. The world and society have turned out to be a place where the wrong things are being accepted to a part of our everyday life. It does not matter whether it is a billion dollar corruption or a small mistake. We are absolutely not bothered about. Our tolerance levels are something that needs to be appreciated. In one way or the other people who are keeping quiet is also supporting the mistake. In this article, we are going to see one such thing that happing every day in our lives, which is discrimination. There are good possibilities that you might also be one of the victims.

Discrimination based on gender

The world is divided into many things. Among all the divisions, the biggest division is gender. Maybe it was a practice from the past or the mindset of men that they are the stronger gender. Women are being discriminated at many levels and in many places. Home, workplace, public transport and lots of other places women are being discriminated. If women are able to feel and understand the pain of discrimination, they should be ones who should support transgender people. But they are also discriminating and abusing them.

Racial discrimination

There is a perception that racial discrimination is there is only in some of the biggest countries in the world. People tend to think that because those are some of the countries that are mentioned in the news. But the truth is that racial discrimination is all over the world. It is at different levels in different countries. It is high in countries where there are a lot of emigrants and forgeries.

Discriminations with people

Discrimination based on sexual orientation

There are no second thoughts on the fact that the world is filled with straight people. That does not mean that everyone should be the same. For some, it might be a taboo. Yes, we do accept the fact that it is a common thing. But that does not mean that it is wrong. People should understand the fact that it has nothing to do with religion or any other thing for that matter. It is a very natural thing to have a desire towards a person of the same sex. It is good that some of the countries have legalized gay marriage.

Discrimination based on religion

The main purpose of any religion is to spread peace and help humanity to get close to the higher power. But things are happening exactly in the opposite way. Today religion is one of the biggest tools that is used by certain people to divide the society. It is being manipulated, and hence, people of a particular religion are being discriminated in various parts of the world. We do accept the fact that there are certain people who have done some horrible things stating that they did for their religion. But that does not mean that everyone in that religion is a bad person.

Social Media

Impact of social media on society and people

Today social media plays a very important role. From keeping us entertained to providing us with the relevant news, it is doing a lot of things. It has become part and parcel of our lives. We should definitely give it up for people who marketed things in such a way that we have come to a situation where we cannot live without social media. Every coin has two sides to it. So does social media. It has both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will see them in detail.


Gaining knowledge

Today we are surprised that some of the kindergartners know a lot of things. It is all because of the exposure that they have with social media. Not just the little ones, even the adults are able to know a lot of things because of social media.


Job opportunity

Social Media has created a lot of job opportunities. It is not just the companies that developed these platforms. There are many people who have become self-employed because of social media. We all know some of the social media personalities are earning millions of dollars.


Social media has turned out to be one of the best tools to market a product or a service. From smallest cottage industries to the trillion dollar companies everyone is using social media for marketing purposes. It is effective because, through social media, you can reach out to people in a casual way, which has a better impact.


Fake News

The biggest issue that we are facing is fake news. These fake news sometimes create some hatred among people. This sometimes triggers people to take extreme and violent decisions, and we have some solid evidence that has happened in the recent past.

Wrong perceptions

Wrong perceptions

There was a time when mainstream media was doing this. But now social media is doing this. It is actually inducing people with the wrong information that tends to create some wrong perceptions among a lot of people. For example, even the simplest cartoons of portraying people of a particular religion as terrorist will impact the minds of people. Some might think and react to it. But for small children, it will create hatred at a very tender age, which is not good.

General Addiction

The common complaint from parents that we hear is that youngsters are very addicted to social media. In general, it is not a good thing, and it has a negative impact on the individual’s health. But that more than human interaction is reduced which leads to a lot of problems. It is actually restricting people from doing a lot of things. We all know for a fact that it is the most reason why relationships, both romantic and non-romantic, have become very complicated. The divorce rates are increasing drastically, and we don’t see anything happening positively in the near future.


Problems faced by women in society

It really feels disgusting that we are still writing this topic. It is 2019, the human race is planning to settle in mars, and we are still having some gender issues. This is one of the solid evidence that proves that the entire human race is messed up. We are progressing in a lot of things at an unbelievable phase and still being conservative to the core in the simplest things.

Even though women have started to step up and raise their voices about the issues that they are facing, there is a lot that needs to be done. In this article, we will see some of the major issues that women are facing in society.

Violence and abuse

Women are being subjected to violence and abuse in all places. The worst part is that they are experiencing this even in their homes. It has become a very common thing right now. It is high time that all kinds of violence against women need to stop. Rape has become a very common thing. Even the minors are being raped, and the rate of sexual assault is steadily increasing.

Violence and abuse

Wage Gap

After all these years this issue has actually come to limelight. At the same time, we cannot generalize things. There are some organizations that give equal pay for both men and women. But the bitter truth is that in most of the organizations, men are paid higher than the women for the same kind of work. Even if they are being paid properly, they need to struggle a lot for that. It is disgusting to hear some of the new claiming that some actress is getting equal pay as the male leads in the movie.


It is a general thing that is happening in both the workplace and in the homes. Unless or until the woman who is suggesting something in an authoritative position, they are generally ignored, just because they are women. Be it a man or a woman, when they voice of something it needs to be heard and responded. It is called freedom of speech. If that is being ignored is more like doing something, the basic rights of a human being.




Motherhood is something that needs to be celebrated. But everything is happening in the opposite way. When women take some gap in their carrier because of pregnancy, they are finding it difficult to get a job again. In most of the organizations, there are recommending women not to have any pregnancy plans if they are involved in some big projects. Moreover, the society is expecting women to stay at home and take care of things.


Women are being objectified in every aspect. From the simplest advertisements to pornography. Body shaming, commenting on looks judging based on appearance are some of the most common things that women are regularly experiencing.


Things people can do for the betterment of society

In the way that society is functioning, even the smallest things that people do will contribute a lot. It is not even necessary that one has to take that extra effort to do something that will matter. They say that small drops make an ocean. That is absolutely true when it comes to this. A little act of kindness will have a huge impact sometimes will bring out a massive change. In this article, we will see some of the things people can do contribute for the betterment for the society.

Be a volunteer

It is not a bad thing to think of taking rest during the weekends. It is obvious that you would have had a busy week and you will want to stretch your legs and spend some time with your loved ones. But there are people who are longing some of the basic things in life. Join in volunteer programs and make people happy in old age homes, hospitals and reach out to the homeless. Simple acts like buying them a meal will make them so happy.

Drive safe

Remember the fact that it is not just you and your vehicle on the road. There are a lot of other people and their families. So make sure that you are driving within the speed limits. Even the simplest mistakes can lead to the destruction of the individual and their families. Be extra careful in areas where there will be children.

Drive safe

Reuse, reduce and recycle

If you are thinking that throwing trash is not a huge deal, you are absolutely wrong. Huge dump yards and polluted oceans are some of the huge issues that the entire world is dealing with. So remember that every time you are throwing something that can be reused, you are actually contributing for polluting this earth. These are simple processes that can be done easily. All it takes is a little bit of effort and a massive change in your thought process.

Blood donation and organ donation

We should accept that fact that there is a drastic increase in the number of people who are donating blood and organs. But it is nowhere near to close what is required. Thousands of people are dying on a daily basis because they did not get the right blood group when they needed. The same goes for organ donation. At the end of the day, it is going to end in the ground. So why waste those precious things when you can save a lot of lives by donating them.

Be a good citizen

If you want to make a change, it should start with you. Try your level best to be a responsible citizen. Simple things like casting your votes, paying taxes, following the rules and regulations are some of the things that you can do. If you are activity inspires just one it is definitely a good thing, right?

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